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Prime Pest Control are a company with years of experience, serving the industry and residents in London and all the surrounding counties, protecting them from pest problems. Our dedicated pest specialists are very well trained and have been successfully eradicating all kinds of pest insect, rodent and bird infestations, making sure that all treatments and methods implemented in our pest control strategies comply with the related legislation and business standards.

We are constantly keeping up-to-date, doing research within the industry and trying to implement all of the best practices and cost-efficient methods in our pest management schemes. On our blog page we will be sharing with you useful information about the pest control industry and interesting facts about pests insects, rodents and birds.

October 2018

October 29, 2018

Importance of UK Pest Control Accreditation

When it comes to the quality of the service you are going to get, it is important that you check the credentials of the pest control company of your choice. The most basic requirement is for your pest technician to be qualified by an industry recognised organisation in the UK the most recognised training and assessment organisation is the British Pest Control Association (BPCA). This means that the pest technician will have a professional approach to your problem, his work is safe for you, your family or business, and his advice is reliable. An unqualified pest technician could cost ...

April 2018

April 29, 2018

A rare sighting of the so called ‘velvet ant’ or ‘cow killer’ wasp in the UK

One of the insects with the most painful stings in the world, the so called ‘velvet ant’ or ‘cow killer wasp’, has been reported for the first time in Liverpool, UK. The sighting is actually really unusual as the insect is native to the United States. While toxicity of the venom has no properties to harm us and the definition ‘cow killer’ is quite overstated, we still believe that nobody would like to volunteer to get stung as Mr Peterson did, bless his heart!

The ‘cow killer’ is a solitary wasp that belongs to the Mutillidae family of wasps and has a ...

February 2018

February 26, 2018

Do you wonder what could be causing the bites? Carpet beetle rash VS. Bed bug bites

After the bed bug evolution and their comeback, professional pest control companies in London treat bed bug infestations on a daily basis. We have noticed that the majority of properties in London affected by one pest are infested by another pest as well, mostly by textile pests and mice. There is one pest insect though, which is causing a lot of nuisance, without people noticing its presence and realising that it is the source of the problem. And nope, it is not a bed bug! It is the carpet beetle larva that is causing a skin reaction in most cases where we are exposed to the ...

December 2017

December 4, 2017

Non-toxic Treatments on the Rise

As different areas of our lives are becoming chemical-free, paraben-free, pollution-free, hustle-free, etc… the pest control industry is not falling behind at all… We have recently noticed a significant rise in the number of non-toxic methods used in different sectors of the pest control industry worldwide.


Heat treatments have increased in numbers and more and more customers prefer to choose the heat treatment option, where they have choice. Not only is it toxic-free and environmentally-friendly, the heat treatment is a very effective and versatile treatment, which can eradicate all ...

December 2016

December 12, 2016

Are Your Home and Business Venue Rodent-Proof This Christmas?

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching and the weather becoming colder every single day, some of us may have already encountered the typical for this time of the year pest problem in our homes or business venues – mice and rats. Mice have the ability to enter a property through a hole as tiny as 2cm and settle into attics, closets, kitchens, under floor boards, and in various other areas around the house. Rats may not be able to enter through a 2cm hole but they can chew their way through many obstacles and materials, underground burrows, sewers, opened windows and doors.

Mice and ...

December 7, 2016

Cockroaches’ behavioural traits

Cockroaches are a stubborn pest to tackle, due to their abilities to adapt to very inhospitable conditions. This is a fact that has been well-known to the public for a while now. What is new, however, is that recently a study was published, which explained that cockroaches have personalities and can even demonstrate various characteristic traits, e.g. shyness or leadership (Reuters, 2015).

A study in the Université Libre de Bruxelles on the behaviour of cockroaches showed that the pest can display different behavioural characteristics, which is an explanation to their survival and ...

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