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Residential pest control London

Every following visit, within the first three, is 40-60% discounted subsequently, depending on the type of pest. Fourth and fifth treatments are free of charge as a guarantee, subject to further agreement.

At Prime Pest Control London, we are fully committed to get rid of any pest problem with less treatments and toxicity, respectively.

Commercial pest control London

The pest control contracts are all individually-tailored, optimised for maximum efficiency at minimum cost. We provide integrated pest management (IPM) and treatments in various industries, achieving high success rates of pest eradication and control.


Most of our prices are fixed

Our company offers competitive pest control prices that are fixed only for insecticide/rodenticide application, dry steam method and proofing in residential properties. For all other pest insect, bird and rodent control methods, such as disinfection, prevention, monitoring, bird proofing – netting and spiking, stored product pest management and cargo treatments, our prices are negotiable. The prices of our hot air heat treatments you can see on our heat treatment London page. All our commercial and industrial contracts are individually-tailored, in compliance with all professional standards, pest acts and regulations in the UK.


Please note that our pest technicians are authorised to change the final price, in case that we treat more premises than initially planned. The price for a residential inspection only is £60. The £60 pounds for the survey will not be included in the final price, in case that the customer agrees on treating the property right after the inspection. The prices shown in the tables bellow are total prices in British pounds, for one treatment of residential properties only. The prices vary, depending on the size of the property (number of bedrooms), as well as the methods to be used.

Surcharge for appointments in central London

Due to the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charge in central London, the congestion charge, as well as the expensive and very limited parking, we have a £30 pounds surcharge for appointments in the congestion zone at any time during the week.

Pests1 Bed Property2 Bed Prop.3 Bed Prop.
Bed Bugs280300320
Carpet beetle220240260

Ant treatment prices

Starting from £150 pounds, depending on the number and size of the premises

Bird control prices

£60 pounds for inspection and quotation

Wasp treatment prices

£100 – £160 pounds per nest treatment or removal

Affordable and effective

Prime Pest Control offers low-cost integrated pest management (IPM) schemes that are tailored to suit your specific needs, aiming to achieve long-term solution to your pest problem. Our experienced British Pest Control Association (BPCA) trained pest experts are able to quickly identify and tackle any kind of pest insect, bird or rodent infestation at your residential or commercial property.


Prime Pest Control is a result-driven company, focused on health & safety, as well as maximum efficiency of all services. In nearly all the domestic cases of textile pest infestations, as well as fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, stored product insects, mites and others, we achieve high success rates with combined heat and insecticide treatments. Super-heated dry steam and hot air methods, followed by insecticide application, are showing the best results in nearly all commercial and residential cases.

We are available 24/7

Our call centre staff, as well as our pest technicians, are available nearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with short breaks. Whether on site or over the phone, we can assess the current situation at your property and calculate a precise quote for the service.


Prices for combined dry steam and spray treatments

We offer affordable dry steam and spray treatments for whole residential properties, as well as for rooms in the hospitality and social care industries. The steam works at three times the temperature of the hot air (dry steam – 180 degrees Celsius > Hot air – 50/60 Celsius), while it does not damage the surfaces where applied (subject to our risk assessment). Dry steam is a targeted heat method that eradicates all life stages of many different insect species, in less than 3-4 seconds of exposure to the steam vapour. In combination with insecticides, this combined treatment is one of the most successful yet. The prices shown below are in British pounds and they are total prices for one treatment of whole residential property with super-heated dry steam and insecticide spray, including all the furniture in all rooms.


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