Natural repellents guide for an insect free garden UK

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October 14, 2020

Natural repellents guide for an insect free garden UK

Insect repellent plants UK

Natural pest control in the garden

Have you ever wanted to relax and put your feet up in your garden and soak up some sun or release some stress from a hard day but realised insects already settled in the best spots in your garden before you? Maybe you have a beautifully blossoming flower garden (heaven for the bees), or some wildflowers popping with colour (mirroring the beauty of ladybirds and butterflies). Some of the visitors may be welcome but some might cause you a little bit of distress especially in the evenings when you realise a few pop ups on your skin from the fast and furious mosquitos who show up, do the job and disappear without you even having the time to react.

Insect activity in your garden is a sign that there is a beautiful healthy plant life but some bugs are pests and can also damage and injure your plants and push away some beneficial insects like the lady beetle from your garden too.

This article is your guide on how you can maintain the beauty of your garden and carefully repel unwanted insects with natural plants, and the type of plants you can add to your garden inventory.

Plants can act as a natural repellent by letting out a smell through tiny molecules that contain essential oils. It’s the essential oils that act as a natural bug repellent.

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Sustainable repellent plants in the UK

Insects in general are necessary for the ecosystem but when the weather starts to warm up you may find they settle into your garden and create havoc. Some insects are considered pests and you may be looking for ways to maintain the beauty of your outdoor space by repelling them from your personal space.

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Below are some of the most preferred, in the UK, natural repellents you can use.

Mint leaves are natural repellents that will keep spiders and ants away from your other plants. Mint plants multiply and spread very quickly, so it’s advised to place leaves or pots of mint strategically around your garden instead of planting them. Unless of course you like to enjoy refreshment drinks and add them to your summer drinks often and wouldn’t mind maintaining your plant from spreading around quickly.

Lavender is from the mint family and does a great job for repelling spiders, bugs and flies. Lavender thrives in the sun and they love the spring and summer seasons. Why not have a few lavender pots in your garden and you can even dry them and take them inside your home for a soft soothing scent.

Citronella grass is great to have around the seating area to keep mosquitoes away. Lemongrass also belongs to the same family, and the natural oils are used in most of the candles for repelling unwanted bugs.

Rosemary adds amazing flavour to dishes as well as repelling bugs from your garden and protecting other plants in your outdoor space. You can place rosemary in pots near other plants to prevent bugs and insects from being attracted to your garden for a snack.

Garden and outdoor space provides a peaceful and a great way to indulge in nature, relax and create the ambience for you, your family and loved ones. We hope this article was useful in providing you with some information on natural plants you can use for your outdoor space to repel unwanted insects and bugs. Please feel free to contact our team of experts for more advice and information.


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