Heat Treatment London

Prime Pest Control are a London-based company that providing individually-tailored heat treatment solutions achieving complete eradication of all life stages of ants, bed bugs, booklice, carpet mites, cockroaches, mites, woodworms, as well as flour beetles, grain weevil and other stored product pests. Our targeted heat treatment is also very useful for eliminating dry rot, mould and fungus attacking pathogens, water-damaged goods or properties, pest-infested cargo and containers. With our commercial heat treatment programmes we protect businesses in the hospitality, public and international transport, food industry and other sectors. We have designed for our commercial customers fully integrated pest management solutions with guaranteed high success rates and cost-efficiency. For customers with residential properties and even single rooms in London and the whole M25 area we also offer targeted heat treatments and complete pest control solutions with guaranteed results.

Heat treatment London - commercial and residential

The benefits

It is scientifically proven that heat treatment is the only method, which achieves more than 90% complete pest eradication success rate of all life stages at once, when carried out by professionals. It is without any doubt the most efficient, human-friendly and eco-friendly method to eliminate any kind of pest infestation, mould or water problems at your property or business venue quickly, with minimum disruption of your schedule. Another benefit of choosing our heat treatment solutions is that the whole process is extremely versatile, as our system works simultaneously in all different areas of the treated premises, saving time and costs.

Using heat we would also be able to preserve any kind of furniture, no matter how severely it may be infested, unlike most other pest removal methods. Depending on the individual circumstances of the customer, our bespoke heat treatments may include, free of charge, inspection prior to the treatment and insecticide spray right after the treatment, which will ensure post-treatment residual effect and reduced risk of future reintroduction of the pests. In case that a pesticide treatment is not carried out, the premises treated will be good to occupy almost immediately after the heat treatment.

The process

Generally, the objectives of the heat treatment as a chemical-free pest removal method are to eradicate all life stages of the pest at once, as it has been proven scientifically that the heat treatment achieves the highest pest eradication success rates with a single treatment. The whole process requires heavy equipment to be used and several hours to take place. Initially, our experienced heat specialists always carry out an inspection and a risk assessment prior to the treatment. During the inspection the pest technician will determine the most infested areas, which will be sheeted over with an industrial material and heated to a higher temperature, comparing to the other zones in the premises and, thus, being able to achieve greater chances of complete pest eradication in the targeted areas. For the heat we use a variety of indirect burn fuel oil/diesel powered heating units, which heat up the goods or premises treated by pumping hot air through portable heat exchangers connected to the heating units. We aim to maintain a certain temperature in the different areas of the premises treated, which may vary between 45 and 65 degrees Celsius, depending on the building’s fabrics and heat penetration probability, as well as the type of pest and the ISPM 15 legislation, where applicable. Meanwhile, the heat process and the temperature are monitored on screen by one of our heat experts, making sure that the right amount of heat will reach even the smallest cracks and crevices, exterminating all life stages of the pest. There is almost zero-risk of damaging any electrical appliances and equipment or any other belongings, as we would remove anything that could be potentially damaged during the inspection and the risk assessment.

Heat treatment prices

The following prices are in British pounds, inclusive of all taxes that apply.

Domestic heat treatment cost

1 room dwelling – £750
2 room dwelling – £850
3 room dwelling – £950
4 room dwelling – £1050

Industrial heat treatment cost

Prices are subject to negotiation

Heat treatment prices for the hospitality industry

Single room or item treated – £500

Multiple room treatment – £300 per room




Please note that for hotels, hostels, care homes and other businesses in the hospitality industry we charge separately living and sitting rooms, as well as receptions.

Heat Treatment London
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