Domestic pest control

Prime Pest Control provide pest control, prevention and eradication services in London and all the surroundings. Our pest experts are thoroughly trained by the BPCA and have been successfully getting rid of any domestic pest-related problems for more than two decades. We have developed a team of dedicated specialists, who have gained a profound knowledge of all species of pest insects, rodents and birds, which are causing nuisance in residential premises across London and the UK.

Our company is specialised in providing low-cost, highly efficient long-term solutions and targeted treatments, which are safe for your family and pets. We are constantly receiving feedback from our customers and improving our pest control services, so that they will best suit your requirements and meet your expectations. All treatments that we carry out are compliant with the related pest legislation and the best practices in the industry.

At the first stage of implementing a pest control strategy, our pest experts will undertake a thorough inspection and risk assessment of your property, to be able to quickly identify the pest problem and locate the source of the infestation.

Depending on the evidence collected and the initial risk assessment, as well as all the individual circumstances and requirements, the pest technician will draw the pest control strategy. You will be advised on the options available and, upon agreement, you will be provided with all the information, regarding the treatment and the legislation, such as the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH). Our pest experts will also give you all their recommendations and suggest what could be done to improve the situation or if you need to remove, replace or dispose of anything.

Our arsenal of treatment techniques would include chemical and non-chemical treatments, proofing of your property, placing various insecticide and rodenticide bait traps, stations and other devices, handyman and other maintenance work. We also provide the residents of London and all the surrounding counties with individually tailored heat treatment solutions for properties of all sizes and even single-room accommodations, a piece of luggage or furniture. Combined treatments and methods are also available for maximum efficiency and high success rates of pest insect, bird and rodent extermination, monitoring and prevention.


We also provide Londoners with heat treatments for properties of all sizes

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Nowadays, the risk of introducing a pest at home is relatively high, as some of the pest insects like bed bugs may hitch-hike luggage and clothes, hide within furniture and belongings making it easy to access your property. Others, such as rodents, will find direct access through entry points to your property, or make their way through obstacles. Any clutter and food waste, which may be exposed, contributes as well for the development of various infestations and attracts other pest rodents, insects or birds. Poor level of cleanliness and maintenance are also in favour of the pests and will increase the chances of their introduction or speed up their development. When a domestic pest infestation is discovered most people try to solve the problem themselves, which is not always the best approach. In a lot of these cases professional pest control is required afterwards, due to a complexity of factors.

One of the reasons is that all pests, as living organisms, evolve and develop various resistance mechanisms to most of the common do-it-yourself sprays and products. In general, urban infestations start when there are “pest-friendly” conditions and certain measures are not taken. We are witnessing recent outbreaks of resistant bed bug infestations in London and other mega cities in the world, which is also due to the increasing number of people travelling abroad and bringing back the insects with them. The ability of all pests to adapt and strive for survival has also made pest control more challenging, however, the industry is evolving too and each year great improvements and innovations are generated.

It is essential that we discuss with our customers the recommended pest control strategies and agree on the methods that will be used. When it comes to domestic pest infestations, we will need your full cooperation and involvement. Essentially, you will need to follow all the procedures prior and post-treatment, which will greatly increase our chances of complete eradication and effective control of your pest problem. In most cases we would recommend thorough cleaning of all affected areas and disposing of the vacuum contents afterwards in a safe manner. Depending on the type of pest there are different kinds of preparations, which are also a subject of initial risk assessment, which is carried out by our pest technicians. All of the preparation procedures are been tailored according to the best practice codes and the pest legislation.

Domestic pest control
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