Are your home and business rodent-proof?

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching and the weather becoming colder every single day, some of us may have already encountered the typical for this time of the year pest problem in our homes or business venues – mice and rats. Mice have the ability to enter a property through a hole as tiny as 2 cm and settle into attics, closets, kitchens, under floor boards, and in various other areas around the house. Rats may not be able to enter through a 2 cm hole but they can chew their way through many obstacles and materials, underground burrows, sewers, opened windows and doors.

Mice and rats are pests, which go into premises looking for food and warmth in the cold months of the year. The winter festivities, when there are fewer rubbish collections, create the perfect time and environment for them to find food and shelter in your home, hotel, hostel or restaurant and settle down creating a lot of nuisance and different hazards in the process, some of which even life-threatening.

Identify a rodent infestation and tips for prevention

How to find out whether there is a rodent infestation at your property? There are certain signs typical for rodent infestations that are easy to spot before you actually see the rodent running around. Finding droppings around the sink or boiler area is a typical sing of a rodent infestation. Wiring, fabrics or wood that have been chewed on are also tell-tale signs of a rodent infestation. Little wholes or gaps that have appeared recently could also be made from rodents entering the premises.

What are the things you can do on your own that can prevent a mice or rat infestation in your home or commercial venue this Christmas? Most premises have at least a few potential entry points, which could be used by rodents. As both internal and external holes and cracks can be used by mice, rats and grey squirrels as entry points to a property, we would recommend that you seal all gaps, holes and cracks that you can see in your property.

  • You could also install door bristles on your doors to prevent mice from going underneath the doors. Using an ultrasound rodent repelling device can help you repel the rodents from your home or business venue.
  •  Keeping the lid on the toilet seat closed would help prevent any rats in the drains from getting into the property, as rats can swim and they can sometimes try to enter the property through the drains.
  •  Making sure food is kept sealed tight and no food leftovers are found around the premises is important as these may attract rodents to your property.
  • Cleaning on a regular basis and ensuring no grains are stored out of the cupboards would also help you keep the rodents at bay. All bins must be kept closed at all times and rubbish should be disposed of on a regular basis.

In case you find out you have a rodent infestation and you have done all of the above methods but it is still persisting even after using commercial bait, then it is best to contact a professional pest control specialist. Our customer care team are ready to answer your questions and book your appointment with one of our experienced pest technicians.


Blago Manov

Managing Director

Bed Bug Hunters & Prime Pest Control