Non-toxic treatments on the rise

Heat treatment with hot air

As different areas of our lives are becoming chemical-free, paraben-free, pollution-free, hustle-free, etc… the pest control industry is not falling behind at all… We have recently noticed a significant rise in the number of non-toxic methods used in different sectors of the pest control industry worldwide.

Heat treatments have increased in numbers and more and more customers prefer to choose the heat treatment option, where they have choice. Not only is it toxic-free and environmentally-friendly, the heat treatment is a very effective and versatile treatment, which can eradicate all life stages of variety of pests and domestic/commercial problems – from bed bugs and stored product insects to mould and dampness. Using hot air heat treatment is arguably the most efficient method for complete pest eradication, regardless of the level of infestation. Heat with hot air is usually achieving more than 90% pest extermination with only 1 treatment.

Super-heated dry steam treatment

Steam treatments are another popular and often requested method for pest control, treatment and prevention in domestic and commercial premises. Using super-heated dry steam to treat affected areas not only rids you of the pest infestation that you might have but it also sanitises the surfaces and eradicates organisms such as dust mites, which can have a very negative impact on people suffering from asthma. The steam treatment, similarly to the heat treatment, works on all life stages of the pests treated. The difference between the two treatments, however, is that the steam treatment is applied in targeted areas, while the heat treatment can be done in a whole room, affecting everything inside. Another difference is that the dry steam with some professional devices is heated up to 180 Celsius, while a heat treatment with hot air works at around 50-60 Celsius degrees. Typical pest infestations that can be easily eradicated with a steam treatment are beg bugs, fleas, carpet beetles, carpet mites, etc…

Biological pest control

Apart from the standard and popular methods for pest control and extermination, there has recently been an increase in the number of cases when predator pests are used to eradicate another pest. Using a predator pest is a biological form of control, which allows for a chemical-free and ecologically-friendly infestation eradication. It is very common in the agricultural industry, where some of the predator pests used are Argentine ants, falcons, bats, etc… Controlled biological pest control allows for 100% human and eco-friendly pest control, which delivers results and does not impact on the human health, the nature or the quality of the produce protected.

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Blago Manov

Managing Director

Bed Bug Hunters & Prime Pest Control