About Prime Pest Control

Who we are

Prime Pest Control is a professionally certified and insured company, providing pest control, extermination and prevention solutions for domestic and commercial customers in London and the surrounding counties. Driven by results, we are constantly striving to improve our services and methods for pest control, leading to high standards of safety and success rates of all our services.

We have local technicians working in the different boroughs of London and the neighbouring counties, ready to deal with your pest problem quickly and effectively. This allows us to provide low-cost services and consistently high success rates of pest control, extermination and prevention. We are fully committed to deliver quality pest control services at reasonable prices, without the limitations of the daily working hours only.


Our first priority is always the customer’s health and safety, followed by the long-term results that we try to achieve with our treatments. All of the products we use are professional, legally-compliant and approved by the most reputable organisations in the pest control industry. Whether it is an insect, rodent or bird infestation that we will be tackling, our BPCA-trained and experienced pest technicians always consider your health and safety first when choosing the methods for control, prevention and eradication of the pest infestation.

All our services are fully-compliant with the relevant UK and European legislation for pest control. As a professional pest control company we care not just for the people but for the environment as well. We have a responsible waste management scheme and all our pest technicians are performing their duties, making sure that people and the environment will not be affected in the process.


What we offer

We specialise in treatments using highly effective non-toxic methods with heat, professional-use-only insecticides, fumigation, ultra low volume spray (ULV), rodent proofing, baiting and trapping, bird netting and wiring, pest deterring and monitoring, as well as other methods with proven effectiveness. Some of our favourite and most productive methods are the non-toxic heat with hot air and the super-heated dry steam. We provide combined treatments of targeted heat and professional insecticides for maximum efficiency when we tackle most insect infestations.


Our accreditation in the industry

Prime Pest Control are proud members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA), Basis PROMPT, which is the professional pest technicians’ register in the UK, the CHAS safe contractor scheme and the Confederation of European Pest Management Associations – CEPA.

All our pest technicians are experienced and trained by the BPCA and are registered with Basis PROMPT, who assess them to ensure the high quality of knowledge and expertise they possess and ensure that they keep up-to-date with the latest pest control trends and innovations.

In 2016 we were successfully audited against the newest standard in the pest control industry – EN16636. This standard was launched by CEPA and developed by the industry in collaboration with experts from Europe’s national standards institute and CEN, the European Standards Bureau. It is a benchmark for the quality of our pest control services in London and guarantees that we protect and serve our customers in the most responsible and professional manner.