Discrete pest prevention, control and eradication solutions for your business

Prime Pest Control provide for businesses in various industries throughout London and the UK discrete pest prevention, control and eradication solutions that have proven their cost-efficiency and high success rates. Our pest experts are thoroughly trained by the BPCA and they know how to successfully treat any kind of infestation, in compliance with the legislation and all of our customers’ requirements and business standards. We are very strict when it comes to contractual agreements with commercial customers and, at the same time, we offer flexible solutions that suit your needs best. Considering that every business is unique, we will develop individual cost-effective pest control programmes, which are based on techniques implementing the best practices with the most advanced products and innovations in this sector. Our contracts include free initial survey, site risk assessment and a pest control plan that will be implemented with the first visit or the first few visits, in the case of multiple-stage treatment plans. Depending on the risk assessment and the individual requirements of the customer, we can offer scheduled visits for a fixed term of minimum 6 months, with an option for emergency call-outs, which will be charged as per our commercial pest control price list.



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When it comes to commercial pest control, there are many different scenarios and our integrated pest management strategy will be determined, depending on the individual circumstances and the type of business that Prime Pest Control will serve. For companies in all industries we offer initial inspection and risk assessment without any obligations, free quotation and advice. In business, time is precious and our experienced pest technicians would waste none of it, being able to draw the pest management scheme right after the inspection.

We understand the needs of the industry, this is why we are ready to offer our commercial customers the best options for pest prevention, pest removal and post-treatment control in every stage of manufacturing, production and storage. The pest management programmes usually involve proofing as a general best practice for pest prevention and control, trapping and deterring methods, pesticide spray or fumigation, non-toxic treatments, targeted heat treatments and other innovative methods.

If you are dealing with customers on a regular basis and your business serves them directly, any encounter with pests may harm or even ruin your reputation. This is why quality pest control has always been a key factor for success of any business. In these cases we aim to deliver the most discrete and efficient pest control solutions, which will achieve the results desired with minimum risk of being noticed by your customers. All the customised toxic and non-toxic solutions that we offer to businesses will prove to your customers, suppliers and standardising institutions that your product or service is keeping up with the highest standards in your industry.

In case that your business handles food, trades or manufactures within the food industry, we have developed pest control strategies, which are not going to affect the products or services that you provide in any way. The methods we use in such cases are primarily determined by the type of business we are serving, the pest species and the related legislation. It is essential that we comply with the law and also with the guidelines regarding the treatment procedures. In order to increase our chances for complete extermination of a specific pest problem, we may need you to do certain preparation work prior to the treatment and also follow post-treatment procedures prescribed by the pest control specialist. The schedules of the pest treatments should be well-coordinated with your staff and business routine as well. Any personnel that may be somehow involved in the process of pest control will be provided with training on the most efficient methods for control, detection, monitoring and prevention of pests. In industries such as the hospitality industry, we provide house-keeping staff with pest awareness training, which will save you costs and help us achieve better efficiency.

Commercial pest control
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