Pest control for businesses in London

Prime Pest Control provides discrete pest prevention, control and eradication solutions for businesses in various industries throughout London and the UK. Our methods have proven their cost-efficiency and high success rates of pest extermination and control. We tailor our treatments to eradicate any type of infestation with less chemicals and treatments (as per the COSHH regulations), in compliance with the relevant pest legislation in the UK and all of our customers’ requirements & business standards.


Our contracts include free initial site survey, site risk assessment and a custom tailored pest control plan. Upon agreement with the customer, we undertake the first treatment as soon as possible and implement our proactive or reactive strategy, in order to eliminate or reduce the risk of any pest issues. In cases of heavy infestations we arrange multiple-stage treatment plans. Depending on the risk assessment and the individual requirements of the customer, we can offer scheduled visits for a fixed term of minimum 6 months, with an option for emergency call-outs that are further discounted for our business customers in London and all the surrounding counties. The contract could be based on emergency call-outs only, in case that there is no sign of any ongoing pest issue at the commercial premises.


Integrated pest management (IPM)

Our aim is to achieve long-term results with minimum chemicals used and treatments respectively. This may include custom tailored solutions in the process of monitoring, post-treatment control and prevention of pests. The pest management plan typically involves proofing, as a general best practice for prevention and control, as well as other deterring methods, super-heated dry steam, ultra low volume ULV treatments, hot air heat treatmentsinsecticide application and others.


For companies in all industries we offer initial inspection and risk assessment without any obligations, free quotation and advice. In business, time is precious and our experienced pest technicians would waste none of it, being able to draw the pest management scheme right after the inspection.


Discrete and effective solutions

In case that your business handles food, trades or manufactures within the food industry, we have developed pest control strategies that are not going to affect the products or services that you provide in any negative way. The methods used in such cases are primarily determined by the type of business that we are serving, the pest species and the related pest legislation. It is essential that we comply with the law and also with the guidelines regarding the treatment procedures.


Any personnel that may be somehow involved in the process of pest control will be provided with training on the most efficient methods for control, detection, monitoring and prevention of pests. In industries, such as the hospitality industry, we provide house-keeping staff with pest awareness training, which may help the business save money and help us achieve better efficiency.


If you are dealing with customers on a regular basis and your business serves them directly, any encounter with pests may harm or even ruin your reputation. We use unmarked vehicles and carry out all commercial and residential treatments in a very discrete fashion. In order to increase our chances for complete pest extermination, we may request some preparations to be done prior to the treatment. Upon completion of the initial survey of the site, we issue a report with any recommendations, as well as any post-treatment procedures, in order to decrease all risks associated.

1. Contact us

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2. Inspection

Our inspections and risk assessments for small businesses are free. Contact us to discuss in more detail.

3. Treatment

Custom tailored treatments achieving long-term results, in compliance with the relevant pest legislation.

4. Aftercare

Our BPCA trained pest technicians and customer service operators are dedicated 24/7 to our customers.