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COVID-19 health & safety commitment

We are doing our best to keep the pest technicians, respectively our customers, safe from the COVID-19 virus. We are very diligent in keeping excellent level of hygiene, whilst strictly following all best practices to reduce the risk of getting infected, issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the UK Government and the NHS. Our pest technicians’ health is being monitored on a daily basis, making sure that they can serve our customers and protect the community from pest issues. The technicians wear protective gear before they enter any property, keeping at least 2 meters away from the customer they serve.

Discount for essential workers

We provide £40 pounds off all initial insect, bird or rodent treatments for essential/critical workers in various industries. For more detailed information please visit our Prices page in the main menu or click on the button bellow this message box.

Residential Properties

Prime Pest Control London provides residential pest control services from qualified and experienced technicians, using highly effective products at affordable prices. We tailor all our treatments according to our customers’ needs and requirements and deliver all our pest control services to the highest standards. Our pest technicians are constantly trained on new trends and techniques in the pest control industry, so that they can provide you with the best solutions to your pest problems. Our services are available to residential customers in all boroughs of the city and the surrounding counties.

Commercial Properties

Understanding the essence of every business that might be affected by pests, we, at Prime Pest Control London, offer custom-tailored and integrated pest control services in the capital with proven success rates. Our services cause minimum disruption and little-to-no downtime to your business. We use unmarked vehicles and discrete uniforms, which is of great importance to our commercial customers. As accredited and certified company for pest control in London, our pest technicians perform the pest eradication, prevention and control services according to all relevant legislation and regulations.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is one of the most successful pest control treatments nowadays. It is a treatment, which provides you with total eradication of all life stages of an insect infestation and it is also very effective against damp and water problems. It works on all different types of insects, ensuring all life stages have been completely exterminated using hot air. It is a non-toxic and human-friendly treatment, which uses only high temperature and is suitable for even the highest infestation levels. Prime Pest Control offer heat treatment pest control in London and the surrounding areas, protecting businesses and residents from various pests.


Prime Pest Control offer high success rate affordable treatments for bird, insect and rodent pest control in London and the areas surrounding the city. We offer various treatments to effectively treat, control, and prevent different pest infestations such as ants, bed bugs, birds, cockroaches, carpet beetles, fleas, flies, mice and rats, mosquitoes, moths, grey squirrels, spiders, stored product insects, wasps and woodworms. Using human-friendly, safe and approved methods and products, our trained and experienced pest technicians are always ready to tackle a pest infestation and provide different services for pest control in London.

Integrated pest management schemes

We are a company providing businesses and residents in London and across the UK with cost-efficient, integrated pest management (IPM) schemes with proven high success rates. Our team of professional pest control operators is extensively trained by the BPCA and has been successfully eradicating all kinds of insect, bird and rodent infestations for more than 20 years now. All of our treatments are carried out in compliance with the legislation, using the most efficient methods of pest control, prevention and monitoring.

Dedicated pest control and customer service

Our teams work closely together, always reviewing our work cases and trying to improve the overall quality of the services and success rates. We protect Londoners across West, North, East and South London nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing low-cost, individually tailored and integrated solutions. Assessing the information that we gather after each treatment, while studying innovative methods for pest control, we are constantly striving to deliver services of the highest standards.

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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for domestic and commercial cases
Technicians qualified by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA)
We are proud to have an excellent reputation and great reviews on Google
Why choose our company

As a member of the BPCA, NPTA, Basis PROMPT, CHAS and CEPA we are always keeping up-to-date with the latest changes and innovations in the pest control industry. We have dedicated ourselves to delivering quality customer service and high success rates of pest control, prevention and eradication at the lowest prices possible.

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More about our prices

We offer businesses and residents in London low-cost individually tailored and integrated pest control solutions with guaranteed high success rates. Our prices vary depending on the size of the property, level and type of infestation, method of pest control to be chosen as well as the number of treatments that may be required for complete eradication and control.

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High success rates and safe treatments

Depending on the type and level of infestation we use a variety of chemical and non-chemical treatment techniques, innovative pest control methods or a combination of these for maximum efficiency. In all cases of domestic and commercial infestations in the hospitality, transport and manufacturing industries we choose products, which have been specially formulated by the manufacturer and approved by the legislative bodies to be safe for use in such cases. All of our methods for pest eradication and control, prevention, detecting and monitoring have high success rates and cost-efficiency. Implementing these methods with our bespoke treatments and IPM, we strive to deliver quality customer and pest control services at some of the lowest rates in London and all surrounding counties. We promise to be transparent and honest with our customers as we need to cooperate with them to be able to achieve optimal results.

Our chemical pest control solutions often involve the use of pesticides with different levels of toxicity to people. Considering the fact that your health and the environmental impact of our treatments are our top priorities, we always tailor our pest management programmes and bespoke treatments to be as low-toxic and humane as possible. The non-chemical solutions that we offer include carbon dioxide fumigation and super-heated dry steam treatments, targeted and industrial heat treatments. These are the best methods for treating food related infestations and stored product insects (SPI). We also provide professional rodent and bird proofing of the property/premises, placing traps, bait stations and other devices for pest control. Our pest control operators are available for a same day booking, being able to risk-assess the situation and treat the pest problem with the most efficient and safe methods possible.

Please note that our reports have been successfully used in court to help in solving cases and claims between landlords and tenants. Our technicians are very experienced and knowledgeable, being able to assess with their thorough inspections approximately how, when and where an infestation could have started in the property.